Gecko Apple iPad Air (2019) / iPad 10.5 (2017) Keyboard Cover (QWERTY)

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This Keyboard Cover is designed to be sleek and portable, while also offering excellent protection against damage and scratches and can be personalised with a high resolution thermal print of your logo. The high quality Bluetooth Keyboard makes this a great all-round cover. Inside the cover you’ll find a magnetically detachable Bluetooth 5.0 Keyboard that makes typing on your tablet a true pleasure. On a full battery the keyboard can be used for up to 150 hours. Once it’s empty it can be easily recharged via USB-C.
BasismaterialPU Leder
TechnologieLi-ion Polymer Batterie
InputUSB-C 5V / 1A
Produktgröße255 x 185 x 18 mm
Gewicht0,53 kg
PersonalisierungsmöglichkeitThermotransferdruck in Farbe
Vorlaufzeit5 Arbeitstage
Garantie1 Jahr
Auftragseinheit1 Stück
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