Powerbank Rome 2500mAh Special

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The Powerbank Rome 2500 mAh Special is available in black with a standard doming on top. Choose the print you like for the doming: gold, silver, leopard, zebra and army. You can personalize the power bank with a full color print on the back. The Micro-USB cable is already integrated in the power bank. The lightning adapter and type-C adapter are added in the packaging. So this power bank is suitable for charging any device.
Kapazität2500 mAh
TechnologieLi-ion Polymer Batterie
KabelMicro USB to USB cable
Produktgröße96 x 61 x 8.8 mm
Gewicht115 g
Individuelle Personalisation (Einzelnamen) möglichNein
Vorlaufzeit5 Arbeitstage
Auftragseinheit1 Stück
Mindestbestellmenge25 Stück
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